A Hospital In Jenkins County Is Shutting Down Soon


Millen, GA (WJBF) – CEO of Optim Medical Center, Bob Sellers– informed doctors, nurses, and employees about the last day the doors will be closing.

Today has been an emotional roller-coaster for everybody in Millen; from the people who live there, to the hospital employees, that now have to find work– somewhere else.

“We’ve all speculated that the hospital was gonna be closing and their were rumors and everything but today we had a meeting where they actually gave us all the final information on the building and the plans for the future,” said Joannie Davis, Nurse at Optim Medical Center.

The future, of Optim Medical Center in Jenkins County is now much shorter. The company’s CEO announced Tuesday that the hospital will close and merge with the hospital in Screven County, effective June 24th.

“We’re all really emotional today um everybody was crying during the meeting because we’re a family, we’ve been together for so long and we work with the same people all day everyday,” said Joannie Davis, Nurse at Optim Medical Center.

While employees say they are hurt over the news that the medical center will be closing, people that live in the community say they’ll also feel the void that will be left when the doors close for the last time.

“It’s our lifeline for everybody as far as wrecks, somebody get hurt in a wreck that’s where we gone take them,” said Matt Boulineau – Millen, GA resident.

“So we really need the hospital, now we gotta drive 30 40 miles to the next town if you need an emergency so we really need it I dont think we should close it down,” said Elijah Coney- Millen, GA resident.

Employees say it was difficult getting the news because now they have to start all over and travel even further.

“We spend alot more time here than we do our own families, and having the hospital here we were able to commute just a short distance but now we’re gonna have to like go to Statesboro, or Augusta its just gonna be a huge difference from what we’re used to,” said Joannie Davis, Nurse at Optim Medical Center.

“I mean if it wasn’t for that hospital my daddy would be dead, he had a heart attack 2 years ago and that’s what saved his life that hospital right here”, said Matt Boulineau – Millen, GA resident.

Employees say that even throuh tough times like their medical center closing, they will still make a way.

“Its gonna change things alot for that but we’ll all survive, we’re survivers here… so we’ll be okay,” said said Joannie Davis, Nurse at Optim Medical Center.

Some doctors and nurses from the hospital will continue to see patients in Jenkins County until June. Back to you guys.

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