AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)- Aiken is Thoroughbred Country, but some who live there say their horses it’s important to be mindful when you’re on the road.

Drivers everywhere have to look out for several things on the road.

In Aiken, more than anywhere else in our area, that includes horses, and horse owners are asking you to be extra careful.  

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a hit-and-run that reportedly took place Saturday in which a horse and rider were struck by a vehicle on Gyles Storey Road, causing injury to the rider’s right hand and lower right leg.

At the time of the incident, there was no visible injury to the horse. 

We reached out to the owner of the horse involved in the accident and are waiting to hear more. 

“We all have to be a little bit more courteous with each other on the roads. Obviously, being hit is more than just discourteous it is wrong. If you do have an accident of any type on the roads, you should stop. You shouldn’t run off, and I believe that’s what happened in this case,” Pam Gleason says.

Pam Gleason, editor and publisher of The Aiken Horse says in the state of South Carolina, horses don’t have the right of way when it comes to traffic. 

“People think they should ride on the left side of the road so the horse can see the car coming, but that is not correct. You are not allowed to do that. You should be going in the same direction as the traffic.”

But she says it’s still the kind thing to slow down. 

“If you come up on a horse, and the rider is having difficulty with it, the courteous thing to do is to slow down and stop and wait for the rider to give you a signal that it’s safe for you to pass.”

Gleason says with Aiken being a melting pot for the horse community, she hopes things like this will happen less. 

“We are a major contributor to the economy in this area and it is important to keep Aiken a horse-friendly place and to do that we need some cooperation.”

She says those that are driving should know one thing. 

“Sometimes horses are very unpredictable.”

If you see a horse on the road, horse owners ask that you be mindful and slow down.