A first look at the Augusta Cyberworks Campus and the jobs that are following


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Locals watched history meet the future Tuesday night at the old Sibley Mill. Some in the community got the chance to take a look at the first facility to open on the Augusta Cyberworks Campus.

The Sibley Mill is 137 years old– a true staple in the Garden City. It’s been vacant for 11 years, but that changed last month, when 80 EDTS employees moved into the renovated facility.

The Founder of EDTS says now that cyber is one of his main focuses, he’s going to have to expand his team: “We have a steady stream of hires every month,” Charles Johnson, CEO and Founder of EDTS said.

Back in April, local I.T leader, EDTS, announced a plan to expand its operations to include cyber security, bringing 100 jobs to the area.  And since that announcement, the EDTS has employed 7 people.


“As we have gone through alternative markets that have responded to cyber across the United States, one of the most pointed lessons to us is being how entrepreneurs really are the bedrock as a meaningful response to the program,” James Ainslie, President of Cape Augusta, said.

Ainsley believes it is crucial to recruit cyber workers who are willing to not only invest in training, but also be willing to invest in the community.

“What is required is developing a strongly knit community of mentors that can really get behind an idea, develop the idea then move that idea through its seed capitol run. That’s really where the opportunity is with cyber,” Ainsley said.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are at least one million unfilled cyber jobs in the U.S. To keep up with the growing number of cyber threats, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Training Centers will lease a building on the Cyberworks campus, right behind EDTS. The college will provide cyber security training, education and job placement.

“When you look at the private sector opportunities, there will be opportunities in academia. There will be opportunities on Ft. Gordon. Our city has a new identity. An identity that involves innovation and technology. I think that is something all Augustans can be proud of, people in the region can be proud of, and the Greater Augusta area as well,” Mayor Hardie Davis said.

Augusta Cyberworks will also have 250 apartments on site, making the campus a great place to live, work and play. Expect Channel 6 to keep you updated on the project.

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