A final reading for Aiken County schools’ code of conduct


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)– The Aiken County Board of Education came together Tuesday night to further improve the discipline process in schools.

It’s almost been a full school year since the new Code of Conduct was put into action in Aiken County Schools, but school leaders are further evolving the way students are disciplined.

The 2016, 2017 Aiken County school year was filled with confusion about certain disciplinary definitions. In an effort eliminate blurred lines, Dr. Shawn Foster, Chief Officer for Operations and Student Services, said words like “fighting” and “hit/kick/push” will be added to the Code of Conduct glossary

Foster also gave an in-depth look into ABE, the system that administration and teachers use to write disciplinary referrals.

“This is a replacement for the old ancient handwritten referral. We have just taken that information, and made it electronic. Parents will get the notification after the instance is written up as they typically do, as they have done in the past. This is just a more efficient way to do that,” Foster said.

ABE was first used by Aiken faculty and staff last school year. Unlike hand-written referrals, ABE analyzes behavioral data entered in the system.

“The beneficial process is always data. Once you get data, it helps you become better. It helps you see things in a more clear picture. If we’re really going to serve students and help, then seeing that data, looking at those areas that could help us better serve our students. That’s the plus of having it electronically. “We want to make sure that we are building well-rounded students. Not only academically, but also those who know how to behave in particular situations and that will be great contributors to society,” Foster said.

That program offers numerous resources– Students and teachers can watch modules on different behaviors, and kids will learn techniques on how to better deal with toxic situations.

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