A Chance Encounter Creates A Special Friendship

The Means Report: A chance Encounter Creates A Special Friendship
The Means Report: A chance Encounter Creates A Special Friendship

Tomah, Washington — A chance encounter landed a Wisconsin teen a special date for his prom.

The story between Andrew Shumway and Brittany Klocke begins in the most unlikeliest of places. Like a lot of kids Brittany and some friends decided to take a short trip during their senior year in high school, going to Disney World and the beach. One the way home, thought, she had an unexpected surprise — their flight was canceled in Orlando.

She was stranded at the airport frustrated and wanting to go back home, but little did she know…

“Well, it’s kind of a funny story,” Lauri Shumway, Andrew’s mom admits.

Andrew Shumway and his family were also stuck in Orlando, and that’s when Brittany quickly took an eye to Andrew.

“I cam across Andrew, and I could not pass him by, not say hello,” she explains.

“Brittany approached our family and started visiting with Andrew and they became best of friends,” Lauri recalls.

With Andrew’s sense of humor, he quickly pulled out his large list of jokes and charmed her.

:What do you call Frosty the Snowman and Dracula’s baby?” Andrew jokes. “Frostbite!”

Lauri laughs, “Well, he does like the ladies.”

And Brittany concurs, “He just stole my heart, and I fell in love with him.”

From their conversation she learned of a prom Andrew planned on attending in Tomah, and that’s when he asked if she would join him.

“I’m just so happy that he invited me to come.” Brittany goes on. “I’m from Kemper Catholic High School Carroll in Caroll, Iowa, and tonight is my last senior prom.”

She traveled five hours from home.

“She went and asked her mom if she could come, and here they are!” Lauri exclaims.

All just to be with Andrew

“Once I had this opportunty to go with Andrew, I could not just go to my own prom, because it is so much more of a greater experience than a silly high school dance will ever be.”

“That’s because I like her dress,” Andrew jokes.

But for Brittany and her family their reasons for being so kind to Andrew are a little more personal.

“Her little brother is also in the autism spectrum,” Kari Klocke, Brittany’s mom, explains, “so I think she hopes that someday, someone will remember that Caden is a person too and takes him to prom.”

So from an airport in Orlando, to a special evening in Tomah, Brittany and Andrew seem to be connected with more than just good timing.

“It only takes a minute to make someone’s day, and I’m really happy that I could be here,” Brittany confirms.

“She’s a beautiful girl,” Lauri gushes, “but she’s even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside.”

And Andrew chimes in, “That’s because I appreciate her.”

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