911 tapes released in deadly mass shooting in Appling


Appling, GA (WJBF).- It’s a call no one can imagine making…a 911 call after your family members have been shot.

“Can you send the police to 3160 Johnson Drive? My grandmother and uncle just got shot by my uncle, Wayne Hawes,” said Ron Dent.

It’s a desperate call for help. Deputies say Wayne Hawes grabbed a gun and went to a home on Johnson Drive, shooting Rheba Mae Dent, Roosevelt Burns and Kelia Clark.

“He was dating my auntie, and she left him. And he just came in and shot my grandma and my uncle,” cried Dent.

The first call was made at 7:54 p.m. that night by Ron Dent..

“I told them that stupid mother was going to do something crazy…I told ’em, I told ’em,” screamed Dent.

In the first call we hear that Kelia Clark was still alive.

“I have a cousin here and she’s been shot too but she’s still living,” said Dent.

Sadly, she would later die at an area hospital.

Two calls would be made by Rosaland and Butch Marshall regarding the shootings of Shelly and Lizzie Williams on Washington Road about thirty minutes later.

“Please Lord find him,” begged Rosaland Marshall. Dispatch: Do you know who shot them? No, there’s a Wayne Hawes, replied Marshall. Dispatch: Did Wayne Hawes shoot someone at that address? That’s what the story is that he’s going around shooting people,” replied Marshall.

“They’ve been shot,” screamed Butch Marshall. Dispatch: Who’s been shot? The mother and the father,” replied Marshall.

We checked with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

They tell us the first deputy made it to each house in an estimated time of four to six minutes.

We also listened to the 911 tapes in their entirety and were able to confirm that time frame through dispatch records.

They were just a few short minutes that felt like an eternity to the people who where at the scene of these gruesome murders.

“Oh God could you hurry up,” asked Marshall. Dispatch: “They are coming to you as quickly as they can, I can promise you that.

A vigil for the victims is set for Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. in the King Villa neighborhood.

Anybody is invited to be there.

You’re asked to bring a white balloon filled with helium to release for each person who lost their lives that night.

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