AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- CyberPatriot summer camp at Georgia Cyber Center is back in person after two years of being online.

The high-tech summer camp hosted children ages 10-16, learning how to navigate the internet and computers at a higher level.

“We saw a need for cyber folks in our workforce and this starts it early. I mean today we have 75 youth from across two states and seven counties here at the world-class Georgia Cyber Center,” Executive Director of Alliance for Fort Gordon Dr. Tom Clark said.

The week-long summer camp consisted of professional speakers with intense background knowledge of the field. 

 “What they’re learning here, at the camp, is how to use a computer in more of the professional environment– and not just how to use it and how to understand different parts of how the computer works, but also how to secure it,” NSA Cyber Security Practitioner Dave Besel said.

Children from the Boys and Girls club were also able to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Dr. Tom Clark, Executive Director of Alliance for Fort Gordon, said the students spend all day learning, hands on, about cyber activity.

“In the morning they could do cyber ethics, in the afternoon they could be doing a little bit of programming and by the end of the lunch, they’re into looking at malware.”

A total of 75 children attended the event and most say, they looked forward to understanding the ins and outs about the cyber world.

“The security part, was like, um, we basically secure laptops from like viruses, hackers– stuff like that,” Alexia James said.

“Just having their enthusiasm pumps up our instructors, pumps up them and our entire staff,” Dr. Tom Clark said.

Tomorrow the kids will participate in a friendly competition to see who can secure these computers the best.