AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- With all of the Masters Tournament traffic come potential business opportunities for the CSRA.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Department of Economic Development are hosting the 60th Red Carpet Tour.

The invitation only event is a 4-day tour across Georgia. It’s an opportunity for business leaders attending the Masters Tournament to gather and learn more about Georgia’s business industry.

Thursday the tour stopped in Augusta, where local leaders greeted them with applause.

Business leaders arrive in Augusta for the Red Carpet Tour.

Representatives Rick Allen and Mark Newton were in attendance, along with Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan, Lt. General Paul Stanton, and several local government leaders from Richmond and Columbia Counties.

“And I’m just really excited about the role Augusta will play in the state’s growing economy. The Governor talks often about being the number one state in the nation to do business 8 years in a row. Well, I’d like to say Augusta helps that every year,” said Augusta’s Mayor, Hardie Davis.

Mayor Hardie Davis speaks to local leaders before red Carpet guests arrive.

Mayor Davis added that the Red Carpet Tour may be part of Georgia’s success in business.

“But I think what we see taking place with the Red Carpet Tour, is that Augusta plays a tremendous role in the overall fabric of our state’s economy. We have people who start here, bringing business owners, etc, to our city. They get an opportunity to, certainly, experience the Masters Golf Tournament, but we get an opportunity to showcase what’s good about Augusta.”

The visit to Augusta was on the second day of the tour.