ALLENDALE, SC. (WJBF)- A total of 31 dogs were rescued by the S-P-C-A Albrecht Center and Allendale County animal shelter  after they were called for ill treatment of animals.

“So we got a call on Tuesday, late afternoon early evening, uh from law enforcement that they were on site of a potential criminal investigation. They found, at that location, 24 animals who needed placement if they were to proceed with seizing the animals,” Executive Director Aiken SPCA Albrecht Center Susan Gainey said.

A 43- year old Allendale man, Dwayne Loadholt, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with animal fighting or baiting and ill treatment of animals. 

On Wednesday, another case was reported, contributing to the overall amount of seized animals. 

“Several dogs in chains, several dogs in make-shift kennels. They appeared to be neglected, were on fairly large chains uh without food, uh without water and shelter,” Gainey said.

Gainey says Albrecht Center worked closely with Allendale County Shelter to accommodate the seized animals.

“We fortunately did have enough resources to assist with all the animals, as I indicated, we were able to clear the shelter– the Allendale County Shelter out– for all those animals, brought all of those animals here and then we were able to fill their kennels, again with the animals that had been seized,” Gainey said.

During a search of Loadholt’s property, police found antibiotics like penicillin and dog D-N-A kits.

SLED agents say the Loadholt case is still open and active and could not give further information

Gainey says they do need fosters for the animals that were brought in, but they are not up for adoption as of now.

8 dogs currently remain at the Albrecht Center where they are being cared for and tended to as the investigation is still active.