COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Three nature-themed interactive playgrounds are coming to Martinez Park, which is connected to Blanchard Park.

“This is something totally different than any playground we have in the county,” said Dennis Hodges, the Deputy Director of Community Services for Columbia County. “And basically you can bring your kids out here, you can get them out into nature, walking the trails, and along the way utilize the playground. So this is something totally unique.”

The playgrounds are targeted toward people of all ages – and will feature hand-painted designs of animals native to Georgia.

“This one is based upon fallen trees, and logs, and rocks for the kids to climb around on,” Hodges said. “We do have your typical slides but this one is one hundred percent nature based.”

Two companies based in Georgia and Colorado are doing the construction – and are carving the rocks and trees by hand.

“There’s really nothing like it in the country. This was specifically designed for Columbia County so nobody has what we’re gonna have here,” Hodges said.

It will cost close to a million dollars to fund those playgrounds. That money will come from a General Obligation Bond.

Long time park-goers think this is a great way to bring more families to the area.

Hodges said they’ve been planning it for about a year.

“We were developing this side of the park, and we wanted to do a play structure over here, but we also wanted to utilize the trails and keep it as natural as possible,” he said.

They’re only about two and a half weeks into construction, but Hodges said the playgrounds should be complete by the end of October.

They are also building a dog park that he said should be completed around the same time.