AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Cyndi’s Sweet Shoppe, Fuse Aiken, and Jameson McDubby’s pub announced their closures within the past few weeks.

This has sparked worry for some residents, but David Jameson, the CEO and president of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce said the future for the properties is bright.

He said the businesses have closed for very different reasons, and that people have already expressed interest in buying the properties.

“So I don’t believe they will be vacant very long, and the important thing to remember is Aiken’s economy is very strong, this is just a coincidence,” Jameson said.

It was tough news to hear for many people who live in Aiken.

“It makes me sad and I’m hoping that good restaurants will take their place,” said Tony Distefano. “These are tough times for the hospitality industry and restaurants, small businesses in general. So I’m really concerned about that.”

A worker at White Rose Eclectics, which sits between where Cyndi’s Sweet Shoppe and where the old Aiken Brewing Company used to be, said business has been slower since the closures. 

“It’s like a ghost town,” said Dina Coleman. “It’s gonna be really hard because we get a lot of traffic from both venues. And especially Cyndi’s, everybody in downtown always has that pink bag in their hand and they come with their families, they come with their kids, their grandparents. So they’re always window shopping, you know they may not know our store.”

Although these closures are a loss for the community, Jameson is urging people to stay optimistic.

“The circumstances are very different for each of these three businesses. And each of those owners have made that very clear,” he said. “Aiken’s future is bright. We’re going to be prosperous, downtown is going to stay as strong as ever, and like I say all the time, it’s a great day for business in Aiken, South Carolina.”

Fuse and Cyndi’s Sweet Shoppe have already closed. Jameson McDubby’s last day open is this Saturday. We’ve reached out to the owners but haven’t heard back yet.