2018 Georgia Republican Governor candidates meet in Augusta


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Richmond County’s GOP leaders introduced the Republican candidates for the state’s highest office Sunday night: The race to replace term-limited Nathan Deal in 2018 is well underway.

So far, there are five leading Republican candidates: Casey Cagle, Brian Kemp, Hunter Hill, Marc Alan Urbach and Michael Williams. The five candidates came to the Garden City Sunday to tell Augustans what they stand for.

One of the first questions: How would each support Fort Gordon’s Cyber Command transition locally and across the state?

“With the influx of people coming into downtown Augusta because of innovation, it is just awesome. That is exactly what our state needs to be doing,” Brian Kemp answered.

“It’s so important, especially in the brach process, what you guys have done in the community to come around these bases and add on to them,” Hunter Hill explained.

“Protecting that data is at utmost importance, from citizens, to government to businesses. So helping to expand that industry in the state of Georgia is incredibly important. To do that, we need to have a thriving, small business, venture capital environment in the state of Georgia,” Michael Williams said.

“Now with cyber command, you can imagine how much money we could put towards that if we bring the money where it should be going. I’m not an expert with the cyber command, but I know where the money can be going to make it even better here in Augusta,” Mar Alan Urbach said.

“One of the great challenges we face, particularly in this state of Cyber Security training the individuals to be prepared and ready to do the kind of jobs that are going to be necessary, along with building out the infrastructure, along with rural broadband,” Casey Cagle answered.

Other topics hit on were improving the public school system, Augusta’s health district’s stability and Savannah River Site’s economy in Georgia.

Primary voting is May 22nd 2018, and the election that names Georgia’s next Governor is November 6, 2018.

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