GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WJBF) — The Aiken County Coroner’s office held its annual pauper burial service in Graniteville.

“He was my nephew. He was very wonderful. And he was kind. And I would miss him so much,” said Landirs Williams about Alexander Thompson.

Thompson was one of 16 people to be buried at the Graniteville Cemetery during the annual service. It provides a dignified burial for those who had no other option.

“We provide cremation services, and we reach out to our local partners that have assisted us in the past,” added Aiken County Coroner Darryl Ables.

The message, “Trusting in the Lord,” “It’s when you see families going through things, you always want to be something that could be a light that could help bring some light into the darkest days of their lives. So it’s an honor that the coroner’s office asked me to participate,” said Minister Keith Glover.

Family and friends who could be located were notified of the service. “Some of them may have outlived all their family. Some of them may have been estranged from their family and have not had any contact with them in years,” recalled Ables.

Support came from loved ones and people who were not related. “Just as a Catholic, part of my belief is that you should be burying the dead, and I just felt with poppers that you never know if anyone is going even to be here, and people who are available, I think, should come and participate,” said Margaret Molling.

The compassionate event takes place at least once a year. “I think it’s wonderful what they’ve done. Mm-Hmm,” added Williams.