15th Street Kroger closes permanently on Tuesday


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The Kroger on 15th street will be permanently closed Tuesday at 4pm and shoppers are not the only ones who will be inconvenienced.

As shoppers went to the Kroger located on 15th street for final deals, it was a lot of unhappy customers that wanted to share their thoughts.

“By taking things away I think is not good, I hope they replace a nice grocery store downtown,” said Judy Newberry, a local Kroger shopper.

As the 15th Street Kroger gets ready to close its doors for good, local neighbors are not the only people who have to figure out what to do next…

“The biggest impact that we see aside from the fact that it’s the largest grocery store that’s part of our community is with the pharmacy closing because we send literally hundreds of our patients to Kroger to get their prescription filled,” said Ronald Skenes of Christ Community Health.

Now hundreds of patients that usually walk or ride bicycles to Kroger will have to find another pharmacy to get their medicine.

“We have a special contract with Kroger most of our patients don’t have medical insurance, os finding affordable prescription medications for them can be a real challenge,” said Ronald Skenes of Christ Community Health.

Ronald Skenes of Christ Community Health says not only is this contract unique to them but also other surrounding health facilities to help those that don’t have health care.

“The partnership that we had with the 15th street Kroger was a contract that let our patients get prescription at a discount so the digest impact is that they’re going to have to find another pharmacy to get their prescription filled,” said Ronald Skenes of Christ Community Health.

Local shoppers that are impacted wanted to share how that made them feel, now that they will be going out of their way for the things that were only steps away from them.

“It’s very sad, because it’s my neighborhood grocery store and I hate to see things like this you know leave the city,” said Judy Newberry, a local Kroger shopper.

Meanwhile, Christ Community Health will focus its efforts on looking for new resources for those living in the area that need prescription assistance.

“I think it’s just gonna take some time for us to see whats affordable and accessible for our patients once Kroger closes down,” said Ronald Skenes of Christ Community Health.

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