AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Patrons visiting Augusta National have to leave their phones behind if they want to enjoy the unique experience at the Masters.

It’s a no cell phone zone at Augusta National. But if you want to reach someone, you can use one of these handy-dandy FREE public phones to make a call. 

Phones. How many of us have them?

For some of the Masters patrons, being phoneless is tough. 

“I miss my phone,” said Chi Nguyen. “I keep thinking, ‘oh, I’m going to look at my phone’…And I look in my bag and it’s not there. I do miss my phone.”

For some, it’s a revelation.

“I could never go without my phone,” said Ellie Kahley. “But then I get in here and I do it and I’m here all day. So, that feels good- that you don’t have a phone for a while…”

“I like to take in everything and experience it all,” said Chloe Kahley. “‘Cause, I mean, this is, like, a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Trent Boyd came to the Masters with his friend.

He said he feels relieved to not have his phone for a while.

“As much as we want to capture it with our phones, the memories, the stories- all up here- we’ll remember for the rest of our lives,” said Boyd.

And in case a patron needs to check in with a loved one, Augusta National has them covered. 

“We’re actually about to walk over to the phones right now and go call mom and check in just to let her know we’re good, we’re safe,” said Ellie Kahley. “‘Cause it’s just us two today.”

“And I’m gonna use the phone to call my kids,” said Courtney Deese. “To check on them.”

For the Kahley sisters, being present and in the moment paid off when they decided to spend a moment taking in the course…

“We were, like… ‘oh, my God, that’s Tiger’, said Chloe. “And we made eye contact with him.”

“Yeah, I was like, ‘Chloe, we just made eye contact with him!’” said Ellie.

Many patrons said they plan to enjoy being fully disconnected while at Augusta National.