EVANS, Ga. (WJBF)- “This is an event I’ve been involved with for years, so I’m excited to take to take the stage again and keep lending what a little bit I can offer to this event,” said Mark Ryan, Voice of Harold

With plenty of music and food, fans showed up to the 19th annual Rock Fore Dough benefit concert hoping to have a good time.

The concert helps to raise money for First Tee Augusta. This year country music singer Riley Green headlined the showcase.

“Obviously to be associated with the Masters and it’s kind of a historic place and also, it’s great to be able to play country music for a living when you can do it for a good cause like this it makes it even more fun,” said Riley Green, country music singer.

Throughout all the fun, each musical artists say they hope the audience leaves knowing the importance of First Tee Augusta.

 “And we hope that people will search out First Tee and find out a little bit more about their facility and the programs that they offer but it’s not just for kids out adults can play it first Tee but we do hope that people leave. Just having a great time. It’s the best time they’ve,” said Joe Stevenson, Glue Stick Music

 Fans say they may have come for a good time with family and friends, but they also came for the cause.

“This is actually their first concert, so I wanted to bring them the let them experience this,” said Tami Herrick.

“Oh, I’m excited, I’m excited to listen to all the music, especially Riley Green” said Holly Hayes

Members of Sister Hazel say they’ve been performing for the Rock Fore Dough concert for years, they also have a love for golf aside from music.

“First Tee offers such great opportunities to young people in the great sport of golf we’ve been playing since we were kids we played at a couple of Rock fore dough concerts so it’s an honor to be back, knowing the good work that they do,” said Ken Block, Sister Hazel.

“It’s a lot of fun and he and I got to spend some time on the course at Augusta couple of different times. It’s just such a special tournament; I mean it really does stand out” said Drew Copeland, Sister Hazel 

Organizers for the event along with fans say they are looking forward to the Rock Fore Dough concert again next year.