AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Patrons say Augusta National is a place where they have made some of their favorite memories. So we had to find out– what are those moments that have made a lasting impression on patrons from near and far?

Jim Swearingen first came to the Masters 50 years ago. He says he was hooked from the very first trip.

“Oh, I love it. I just absolutely love it. I’m an Augusta resident and I’m able to come because my brother-in-law is on the mailing list. I just absolutely love it. Gives me goose bumps every time I come here,” Swearingen said.

He says he’ll never forget his favorite tournament.

“Absolutely, when Larry Mize won the Masters in 1986 or ’87 I believe it was and it was just absolutely fantastic,” Swearingen said.

He says no other tournament has topped seeing the August native win a green jacket.

And of the 10 Masters tournaments Shawn Ledford has been to, his favorite was one of Tiger Wood’s wins.

“I would just say when Tiger won. I’ve been looking forward to him maybe playing again and if he wins again it would be amazing,” Ledford said.

And some patrons memories are less about what they saw, and more about who they saw it with.

“Back in 1996 I believe I took my son for the first time and that’s something I’ll never forget,” George Kirshy said.

Some favorite memories date back half a century, but Fred Parrow says he made his most cherished memory this year at his very first Masters when he saw Tiger Woods with his two sons.

“Being with family and being able to share this with my boys. It’s a memory to last us for the rest of our lives,” Parrow said.