EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — Coverage you can count on begins in Columbia County where the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Golf Championship is underway.

Gates opened at 7:30 Wednesday morning and plenty of patrons watched the pursuit begin at this year’s Augusta National Women’s Amateur.

A beautiful day in Evans. And round one was off to an exciting start, for both the golfers and the patrons.

“This is not my first time,” said Sarah Landrum, a patron. “I’ve been every year since it’s been here at Champions. My husband actually keeps score for one of the golfers. So, it’s so fun to be out here and look for him and cheer on the golfer he’s with.”

Landrum tells us an event like this makes her proud of Augusta.

“I have so much pride for how welcoming and friendly this town is- also how beautiful it is,” said Landrum. “You come out here and it’s just so immaculate and well thought out. So, it’s just an experience that you want everyone to come and be a part of.”

Randall Boler is a veteran living in Augusta. 

He tells us he and his wife have done the raffle for the championship many times over the years… and this year is the first year they’ve been selected.

“We’re gonna do a lot of walking since we didn’t get to play pickleball today,” said Boler. “So, we’re gonna do a lot of walking and look at the beautiful scenery so that’s about it. It’s wonderful, very wonderful. Yea, I wish I could have my granddaughter here with me but…it’s a wonderful day. Very wonderful.”

“I’m filled with a lot of excitement,” said Callie Sirmans, a patron. “I’ve never been here before.”

And what are people looking forward to beyond the fairway?

“Food,” said Sirmans. “That’s the best.”

“I want,” said Boler. “A pimento cheese sandwich.”

“I’ve already consumed the pimento cheese and the chicken salad sandwich,” said Landrum. “And it was perfection.” 

Tune in with us Thursday for what’s happening during round two.