AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Saturday brought cooler and inclement weather to the CSRA.

A rainy day at Augusta National. And with play being up in the air, we asked patrons how they felt.

Wet, windy and cold. Saturday morning’s conditions didn’t stop Masters patrons from heading to Augusta National.

“Never in my life did I ever expect to be here, so just being here at all is a blessing,” said Eric Stauffer .

“I mean, there’s folks that wait 20 years to get tickets to this place, so for us to get to be out here and witness it,” said Charles Buterbaugh. “And then also, you know, this may be Tiger’s last…you know, he said it might be his last round. So, getting a chance to maybe see him in his last Masters is pretty special.”

We asked some early patrons their thoughts about the possibility of play being cut short for the day.

“Great! We come back Sunday,” said Valeria Miller. “We were here Monday and today and Sunday. So, it’s all going to be a fantastic time.”

“Well, I won’t be that excited, but it will be force majeure. So, it’s a God act. We can’t complain much. I think we must be grateful that we’ve seen the little that we have.”

Ortay Cooper says he was able to see Tiger Woods and Tony Finau on the putting greens.

“Two of my favorite golfers as soon as I walk in,” said Cooper. “That’s a day’s worth already for me.”

As weather conditions steadily got worse, play was officially suspended at 3:15pm.

“We wish we could have been here the whole day and seen a number of more players,” said Elizabeth Holtz. “But we are able to come back year after year so we’re just thankful for the opportunity. And, hopefully, we’ll be back next year.” 

For many, it seemed nothing could really rain on their parade.

“Honestly, I didn’t even think we were gonna be here this long,” said Chandler Johnson. So, I’m pretty happy that I even got this far.”

“I’m not like, obviously, really upset about it because we’ve been going every single day,” said Josie Margaret Parker. “But, obviously, people who, like, just came today, are probably really disappointed over this whole weather situation. But, I mean, what are you gonna do?”

Even with play suspended, patrons said that they are grateful for their experience at Augusta National…and it will last them a lifetime.