Nervy 30 move on to Augusta National

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This is a 54 hold tournament so this is both moving day and cut day. These players were trying to get in position to win the Augusta National Women’s Amateur and to get in position just to play on Saturday. 

First round leader Jennifer Kupcho came out firing on Thursday, looking to keep her position heading into the final round. But the majority of the field might have had a different goal in mind: survive to Saturday. 

“I think that the  most important thing is, you know, making the cut continue to play,” said Brooke Hempel from Hephzibah.

The top 30 players are moving on to the Augusta National for the final round, so they came out Thursday, with two questions at hand: do I get aggressive to move up the leader board? Or do I do what I can to make the top 30 and live to fight another day?

“First of all, it would depend on where I’m standing. When I started this last round, I would probably go all out,” said golf fan Sue Thorstad from Augusta. 

That was the real world choice for Amanda Dougherty she came to her ninth hole of the day right around that 30th place spot, tense time for her supporters. 

“Fortunately, I think she’s not very nervous. But I am extremely nervous. Nervous from the time I get up to the time I go to bed,” said her Grandfather. 

Former Augusta State golfer Rob Duck now coaches Amanda at Florida State.

“Watching Amanda, I think the worse thing she can do is worry about the cut. She came here to win it, give herself a chance to win it,” said coach Duck. 

But Alexa Pano’s family was keeping a close eye on that top 30.

“Where’s your niece right now?”

“She’s 37th, 37th place we have some work to do on the front nine,” said her Aunt Debra Pano.

“How nervous are you?”

“Ahhh she’s going to do it,” said Debra.

“How bad does Amanda want to play Saturday?”

“Oh she’s an Atlanta girl, home state, she wants to be there so badly,” said Coach Duck. 

All 72 of the women will play Augusta National on Friday. 30 will use that round to prepare and practice for the final round Saturday. The rest will just play around.

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