AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- A new era is beginning at the Augusta Municipal Golf Course, also known as ‘The Patch’.

Augusta National has announced its partnership with The Patch, Augusta Tech and First Tee of Augusta to revamp the golf course, and offer more programs for current and aspiring golfers.

Many golfers at the patch say this is exciting news.

 “I myself a retired golf course superintendent so I know the hard work and dedication It takes to maintain the golf every bit of input from the local community is going to be appreciated here I can imagine,” said Shawn Geouge, golfer.

Professional golfer, Jim Dent, played a big role in this partnership, he’s been playing golf at the patch for years, and loves to call it his home.

 “It’s going to help the golf course and they’re going to redo the golf course and first tee that’s a blessing the first tee lady we were out there today at the Masters and we had a little meeting and it was great and that’ll be a great asset to this golf course,” said Jim Dent, professional golfer.

The patch is also home to many military veterans who play the sport….

“One of my bosses while I was in the marine Corps got me into playing this game and then one of my friends we were in the marine corps together he was also a golfer, so I just followed in his footsteps,“ Ricardo McPherson, golfer.

  They hope this partnership will help grow the golf community.

 “As long as they have the same goals in mind to keep this a public figure, I mean golf course it’s a great thing for everybody,” said Ronny Harris, golfer

Augusta Tech plans to relocate its golf course management program to The Patch, installing a golf facility for students who wish to work in the game.  

“It’s about time we get something like that for the patch because like I said I been coming to the patch for the longest and I think we need something to improve the course,” said Ricardo McPherson.

 “You know everything you got to crawl than walk you know it’s been crawling now they start walking so that’s great and it’s a lot of places where they come and enjoy the game where it’s not too expensive so that’s great,” said Jim Dent.

The partnership is in its early stages but is scheduled to take effect in 2025.