AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Tiger Woods spoke to members of the press on Tuesday at Augusta National Golf Club.

“As of right now, I feel like I am going to play.”

When asked if he thinks he could win Tiger says yes—he can play golf just fine, that’s not the issue.  The issue is being able to walk the golf course itself and recover the next day “It’ll be a long 72 holes that’s for sure.”

The five-time champion will reportedly play nine more practice holes on Wednesday before making a final decision. Currently, his intention is to play in the tournament, Thursday.

“I love competing,” adding that as long as he feels that he can compete at the highest possible level, he will continue to do so. If he doesn’t feel he can compete at this level, he’ll stop.

Talking about the tournament ahead of him, Woods singles out the hills of the National as an obstacle to be overcome in terms of walking the course, that the grounds of the National present the challenges of a major marathon.

Woods says he doesn’t know how many years he can continue playing at a professional level, but his physical therapists have, in the past, brought him to a place where he could compete again, which is what has happened this time.

While Woods says “my movement will probably not get much better,” he says he will only continue to gain strength and expects that he will feel better playing as he continues to heal.

Woods also thanked Nike for working with him to provide him with equipment that will help him play and swing again.

If the accident had of happened in an earlier time, due to advances in medicine and surgery, Woods says he does not believe he would not have been able to compete again.

Though Woods says he will hang up the golf club when he can no longer perform at a professional level, he says he still has the hands to do it.

Woods played the second nine on Sunday, then the first nine on Monday as he continued to decide whether or not he is able to compete in this year’s Tournament, a mere 14 months after the car crash that nearly took his life.

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