Flagstick in sparks debate at Masters

Masters Report

 Now no matter  how long these patrons have been coming to the Masters it’s likely this is something they’ve never seen before it will truly be alien at these  hallowed grounds tend the flag this Masters you’re not going to have to.

 “Theses  are hallowed grounds,”

 “That’s right there are things you don’t mess with,” said Danny Brown from Sandersville, Georgia.

 It is going to look weird to your eye.”

 “It is,” said Brown. 

We saw a preview in the women’s  tournament players at Augusta National putting with  the flagstick in. 

“Will that look too weird out there is that going to be?”

 “It looks weird anywhere to me. but  I haven’t played a tournament in over a year since they did it,” said 1982 Masters Champion Craig Stadler. 

Putting with the stick in is this  borderline sacrilegious? 

 “In my opinion that’s sacrilegious  to put with the pin in but I’m an older guy I’m a traditionalist. I like a traditions,” said 1979 Masters Champion Craig Stadler. 

Adam Scott won the 2013 Masters and he’s been putting with the flagstick in. 

“Fuzzy Zoeller just said putting with the flagstick in on these grounds might be sacrilegious what are  your thoughts on putting on Augusta National with the flag in

 Putting with a broomstick  was sacrilegious  too so,” said Scott. 

 “Augusta is a special place but it’s no bigger than the rules of golf either so you play by the rules it’s all good,” said World Number 1 Justin Rose. 

2017 Champion Sergio Garcia learned a lot from the Spanish Masters legend  Seve  Ballesteros . 

 “Would Seve roll over in his grave if they saw them putting with the flagstick in at Augusta National he might he did use his caddie to tend his flag,” said Garcia. 

So yes here at Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters people will be putting these greens with the flagstick in and no I do not believe this has anything to do with the lightning. At Augusta National Golf Club George Eskola WJBF newsChannel 6.

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