EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – The businesses in Evans Towne Center say they’ve been having a good amount of foot traffic come through so far during Masters week, especially from the 19th annual Rock Fore! Dough concert.

Nailed It! DIY workshop is usually closed for private parties on Tuesdays, but not this time. 

“We’re open because we are doing Spring Break mini-camps, we still have some availabilities left for the rest of the week, but with Rock Fore! Dough being right across the street, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” said Christina Purkapile, the owner of Nailed It!

They have Masters themed home decor as well as “take and make” kits, which have been a hit.

“The walk-in business, people to be exposed to what we do,” Purkapile said. “We’re excited for people to see and maybe actually want to come and purchase some of our golf items.”

Goat Kick Coffee company also has new Masters themed drinks.

They’ve noticed some new faces this week, and hope the concert draws in even more.

“We’re really excited about Rock Fore! Dough,” said Natalie Jacobs, the co-owner of Goat Kick Coffee Company. “We’ve staffed a little extra this afternoon just to make sure that we were covered, that we could handle some crowd. It’s a really exciting thing for Evans, especially for us with it right here.”

And people who live in Evans think local businesses like these are vital, and wish there were more of them.

“That’s what makes it exciting,” said Ronald Desalles. “I mean, it doesn’t do any good to have the theater over here and not have anything going on. We need a draw. And it draws more people than just local folks coming here which is good.”