Counting Steps at the Masters tournament

Masters Report

Thousands of patrons are taking thousands of steps out here on the course. 
Some tracking their steps… and some taking them in style. 

Ashley Osbourne: Hey gentleman, I have a question for you. How many steps did you take yesterday? 
Patron: Oh a lot. 15 thousand I think . 
Patron: I know we did about 10 miles. 
Ashley Osborne: Are you tracking your steps? 
Patron: I had about 20 thousand yesterday. 
Patron: It was like 9 miles, almost 10 miles yesterday. 
Patron: Probably around 13 thousand, 12 thousand.
Ashley Osborne: How does that compare to a normal day? 
Patron: Well, I’m at school so I normally sit down and don’t walk a lot until like PE so probably be way higher than normal. 
Ashley Osborne: Higher than just a normal PE day?
Patron: Yeah. 

And it’s more P-E for the adults too who see it as an excuse to enjot all the masters food.  

Patron: I probably ate 6 sandwiches yesterday and plenty of the blue sports drinks as well.  
Ashley Osborne: Do you feel like it evens out though given how much you walked? 
Patron: I think so, maybe. 
Ashley Osborne: How do you feel about the steps versus the calories. 
Patron: I’m going to challenge that theory again today. 
Ashley Osborne: Did you feel guilty about it since you took 20 thousand steps? 
Patron: Not at all. 
Ashley Osborne: Were you expecting it to be as hilly as it is?  
Patron: No. I knew it was going to be hilly, but you can’t really tell until you’re here in person. 
Patron: It’s very hilly. 
Patron: I’m sore after this one. 

Ashley Osborne: Some of those steps were double because you were going at an incline? Right?  
Patron: Yeah, my calves are hurting, for sure. 

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