Big changes on the way for the Masters golf tournament

Masters Report

There are big changes on the way for one of the biggest sporting events in the world. 

Today, the man in charge of the Masters golf tournament spoke about upcoming projects. 

Ever since Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts founded The Augusta National, the buck stops with the chairman. Today, the boss told the world about his very busy agenda. 

If you want to get a glimpse of the future at Augusta National, Masters Wednesday is when the club breaks out its crystal ball.

Fred Redley said,”We want to welcome you, as well as our loyal patrons, and golf fans watching around the world, to the 83rd Masters Tournament.” 

Chairman Ridley announced several changes at his annnual address. The biggest undertaking is underground. A tunnel under Washington Road. 

“The result of this project will be a pathway that will lead us into the future as we expand various tournament services, in cluding initially a state of the art telvision and digital compound. This project will become our Global Broadcast Village”, said Ridely. 

Construction will start this summer, and if it’s like anything else Augusta National does, it won’t take long to finish. 

Ridley said, “The chairman also spoke about expanding the way you can watch the masters online. Starting this year, you can go to the website or app and watch every single shot from every player.”

“Within minutes of every shot, this added content will now allow our fans online to follow their favorite players from their drive off the first tee, to their final putt on the 18th green.”

And what about on-course adjustments? Ridlet spoke about making the par-5 13th more challenging. 

“Although we now have options to increase the length of this hole, we intend to wait to see how distance may be addressed by the governing bodies before we take any action.”

The Augusta National is a place rich in tradition, but it is not a place that rests on that history. Change is constant as the club strives to deliver the best experience possible. 

“We have committed to always move forward and we will always strive to do it in a manner that serves the competitors in the Masters, our patrons, consumers of our content, and the game of golf as a whole”, said Ridley. 

The focus is not just on making things better for next year. Ridley sasy the club is always considering what the Masters will lool like 50 years from now. Always moving forward here. 

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