AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Signs of Masters Week can be seen all along Washington Road, from the familiar, golden tickets bus to the upgrades on Berckmans Road near Augusta National Golf Club. As people come from across the world to the Garden City, restaurants will need help.

“We are staffing up making sure that we have plenty of staff for the event that’s going on,” said Anthony Harley, General Manager at Top Dawg Tavern of Augusta.

Augusta is already welcoming golf fans with open arms. And restaurants near all of the excitement, such as Top Dawg Tavern are gearing up.

“Bar tenders, severs, a couple of kitchen people,” Harley listed.

Every position will be needed at Top Dawg Tavern even though the general manager said they are also pulling staff from other locations. As people gather around the bar and say cheers, he told us the parking lot will transform too. And more seating means more workers are needed.

“We have a Budweiser, Bud Light bar, so extra seats are available. We have a couple of other things. There’s a giveaway going to be going on,” he explained.

Over at Word of Beer, where the name speaks for itself on tap or a round of shots, there’s help wanted.

“We really need help in the kitchen. Line cooks, people to come in and do prep, everybody does the dishwasher thing, but mainly line cooks,” said World of Beer Assistant GM Audrey Santos.

During Masters Week, there’s live music, games and yes the famous soft pretzel at World of Beer. Even though the initial help is short time, it could turn into a full time job. Both places told us they also need permanent help.

“Last year was pretty good,” Santos said. “We’re expecting it to be pretty good again this year. When it rains, that’s when we get really busy.”

Some managers said they would like for people to already have experience before coming to work for them, but they said they are willing to train them.