Augusta National Women’s Amateur set the stage for the Masters

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These fans waiting weeks, maybe years, to be a part of Masters Week. But this year, for the first time, another tournament. A warm up act. From what I heard…pretty good. 

What’s the word at Augusta National? It’s what’s on the lips of many of these golf fans…call it ‘girls talk’. 

“Yes I am excited about that. I thought it was really nice,” said Lillian Christopher from Washington Georgia, 

“I want to see more of it. Like I said it was great,” said Danny Brown. 

On the same stage that has hosted more than 80 Masters, the Augusta National Women’s Amateur had it’s debut this weekend, and it’s still water cooler conversation around Augusta National.

“Did you watch the ladies?”

“I did, I did. I was blown away, for the ladies to play Augusta National number one, and to play at a high level under that amount of pressure was spectacular,” said 98 Masters Champion Mark O’Meara. 

In music, the opening act tries to blow the headliners off the stage. Did these girls give you something to shoot for?

“For sure, obviously they encapsulated what Augusta National is all about, in terms of a back nine charge, dramatic back 9 is what it’s all about,” said World  Number 1 ranked golfer Justin Rose.

“The sincerity that they showed. Happy for the other ones success. Yeah its a class act they displayed. What golf should be all about,” said O’Meara. 

The women put on a great show to open Masters Week, creating quite the buzz. But they’re not ready to shove the Masters off the stage.

“Just to go out there and play our game, and really get the recognition that we deserve,” said Augusta National Women Amateur Champion Jennifer Kupcho.

“Will the men be able to follow your act?” 

“Oh yeah for sure they’re unreal,” said Kupcho.

It’s the ten days of Masters Week at Augusta National and chances are it will all be spectacular.

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