EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s a sunny and warmer day in at Champions Retreat. And there’s still a lot of excitement in the air.

As round two begins, patrons are eagerly gathering to watch these young women play.

And there are plenty of young ladies at Champions Retreat who are excited to cheer their favorite players on.

“It’ll be my first day doing the Women’s Amateur,” said Brinley Tussey, a young patron. “And then I’ll be at the Augusta National Saturday.” 

Brinley tells us she’s looking to Jenny Bae for her inspiration.

“I’m looking forward to, like, seeing Jenny Bae play and see how she plays and, hopefully, she’ll be [the] Women’s Amateur,” said Brinley.

Twin sisters Addie and Sadie Muns are keeping their eyes on Caley McGinty. 

“I know she’s going to play great and have some really great shots,” said Addie. “And, of course, the other girls that she’s playing with are going to, too.”

For young hopefuls like Olivia Kat Laphan, playing golf is a game of smarts.

“I like putting it on the green and having to smarten your brain out,” said Olivia. “Like, have to, like…like, try to control your ball and make it go into the flag.”

And what are these young ladies wanting to do when they grow up?

“I want to be on the LPGA Tour and play in the Women’s Amateur,” said Addie.

“I want to do the same thing,” said Sadie.

As for Miss Tussey…

“To be a professional golfer and play for Georgia,” said Brinley.

Whether it’s their first time here or they’ve been to the Augusta National Women’s Amateur before, all of these young aspiring golfers said they just want to keep having fun.