AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – They’re coming to watch April golf in Augusta, but it’s not men at the Masters, it’s the Augusta National Women’s Amateur and some long time Masters goers are getting their first look. 

“The women are good golfers, they are fantastic, but this is a new event, when I was coming along it was unheard of,” said William H. Baggs, of Augusta.  

For Masters fans who have been coming here since the 60’s, it’s a totally different sight, women walking the fairways. 

“I know, it’s awesome, I’m so excited, I’m glad to have equal time on this gorgeous course,” said Mary Alice Woodrum.  

Women’s Amateur. Golf history in Augusta  

“I think it’s the most significant event in golf in 50 years, I mean all forms of golf worldwide,” said Walter Clay of Augusta. 

But significant women’s golf events are not new to Augusta, 

Long before there was the Women’s Amateur there was the Titleholders Championship at Augusta County Club. 

“I do remember that. I was going to look up to see why they quit that, I don’t know. I hate what they did,” said Wes Graves.  

The last Titleholders was 50 years ago, this video is from the 1962 championship won by Mickey Wright who is in the World Golf Hall of Fame. 

It was a major event, and William H Baggs remembers it well.  

“I was young, the Augusta County Club sponsored it and it was great, not big like this, local people certainly came there and I wish they still had it,” he said.  

Women’s Amateur patrons are making their own golf memories now, adding to those already well established.