AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Masters is finally here. What’s usually anticipation on the course turns to many watching at home this year. No patrons, no traffic but still no shortage of things to do.

Here in Augusta you usually wake up on Masters Monday with an excitement, seeing People from all over the world come right here for the big tournament. That includes workers, who get here around these early morning hours.

We’re seeing that change and in a big way.

For decades, we’re used thousands of people, geared up ready to go. They’re Eating. They’re Drinking. They’re having a good time.

President & CEO of Augusta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Bennish Brown, says, “you know there’s no doubt this big event is in town, and this year it’s going to be a little different.”

Try… A LOT different. It’s down to the players and tournament officals, but the party off the course keeps on going. Local staples like Southbound makes sure of it.

Co-Owner of Southbound, George Claussen, says, “we’re doing the best we can do with what we’ve got now.”

What they have now is a brand new ampitheater in North Augusta. Concerts throughout the week are expected to be sold out, making money without a hitch.

“I think it will be a little bit less, but I think it will still be just a rockin’ week,” says Claussen.

And a kick off to peak hospitality season…Hotels like the Patridge Inn are are trying to take the edge off, on the rocks.

General Manager of the Partridge Inn, Lloyd Van Horn, says, “of course up here on our roof top bar we are going to be doing drink specials, flights of beer, scotch and bourbon.”

You can’t beat views like this… Eyes will be glued to the Garden City as ESPN is kicks off college game day on the course.

“From a tourism standpoint, it’s sometimes that initial exposure that excited somebody to say ‘I now need to go to Augusta.’ It still knows how to make things happen even in the toughest times,” says Brown.

And as the Masters motto goes…peace, love, pimento cheese.

“It’s, it’s really good. I can’t explain it. Mayo, cheese, what more do you want? Some pimento, let’s call it a day,” says Claussen.

Today begins practice rounds until the tournament begins on Thursday.