AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – JACKASS star, stand-up comedian, and New York Times best-selling
author, Steve-O, is making his way to Augusta.

Steve-O is bringing his adult-themed comedy show, “The Bucket List Tour” to the Bell Auditorium on December 9th.

The show will have Steve-O’s special brand of stand up comedy, while showing videos of stunts that he’s performed.

The show is not for kids or the feint of heart, as it contains graphic footage, sexually explicit content, nudity, self-inflicted violence, & drug use.

We caught up with Steve-O ahead of his show to see what people can expect from the show.

What was it like when JACKASS first started? How did you get in to that?

“I was a skateboarder kid, I fell in love with a magazine called “Big Brother” magazine and I got involved with the magazine and the videos that the magazine made, and at a certain point the guy in charge of that magazine and the videos it made just came up with the idea that he wanted to make a TV show, and he thought all of the crazy stuff in his videos could make a great tv show. So then they just subtracted the skate boarding from his videos, and what was left over was me and Johnny Knoxville, and Wee Man, and Chris Pontius, and Bam was doing something similar on the east coast and they merged forces with Bam and his CKY crew. So it was Big Brother, plus CKY minus all the skateboarding and that’s what became JACKASS.”

Did you know that the show would blow up the way that it did?

“I thought that what we were doing would be very popular with anyone that we were able to reach with it but what I didn’t think was even possible is that what we were doing would be allowed on television, and certainly they’re were a lot of rules that we had to wiggle around. There was a lot of stuff that that we couldn’t show and for everything that we couldn’t show, I always made a ‘Too Hot for TV’ videos. So from the very beginning I had my side hustle in doing things that were not allowed to happen on JACKASS, and that side hustle is alive and well today. That’s what I’m doing with my ‘Bucket List Tour’. It’s a multi media show chalked full of all kinds of stuff that would never be allowed on JACKASS, and that’s what I’m coming to the Bell Auditorium with. It’s a wild show man. I just wanted to get my last licks in, and raise the bar for crazy, and I had a bunch of ideas that were never actually supposed to happen and I thought, you know what, those are the one’s I’m going to do for this show. So I filmed everything, and I made this live show out of this list of ideas, and after each bit in the show I screen the forbidden footage.”

How do you find out that you’re able to do these kind of stunts?

“I don’t think it’s about understanding that you can do these things and it’s more about dealing with the fact that you have to do these things, and it’s always been that way. There’s nothing special about my threshold for pain tolerance. It’s just that my need for attention out ways my desire for comfort.”

What can people expect from this show?

“I can pretty comfortably say you can expect to see the craziest crap ever. I’m going to show you things that you’ve never seen before. There’s a thing that has been off and consistent throughout this tour, that we have people fainting in the audience. We have full grown men fainting, passing out cold in the audience. There are ten different items on the list and they are all really naughty.”

Who do you think the show appeals to?

“I think that JACKASS has proven to defy demographics. I think that we find old people, young people, there’s just something that’s universally compelling about the humor of JACKASS, and this is very much in the same vein, just amped up to another level.”

Would you say this is you last time doing this kind of thing or do you have more plans for the future?

“When I put this show together I thought I had painted myself in to a corner, and was left with nowhere to go after it, but since then, I’ve just had my wheels turning, and now I have a very distinct plan for one more show after this and that one will be called ‘Steve-O’s Gone Too Far Tour.’ I mean the ‘Bucket List Tour’ goes plenty too far, but I’ve come up with a number of ways to go even further.”

If you could say one thing to get people to come out to this show, what would you say to get them to come out?

“This show is the crown jewel of my career. I worked in comedy clubs, relentlessly touring the comedy club circuit for 11 years developing this craft of storytelling and stand up and during the course of that journey, all of my worlds converged, where I’ve got the stunts, the comedy, all mixed in to one and the level of it all for this show is a higher level then anything you’ve ever seen. Mark my words you don’t want to miss it.”

Tickets start for $35 and are on sale now at, or the SRP Box Office at James Brown Arena. A reminder the show is ages 18 and up ONLY.