(WJBF) – Wordle is an online, 5-letter word game that challenges people to try and guess that word in six tries.

Currently, the game is free to play, can be played online without an app, and only gives you one chance to solve the word of the day.

The game was created last year and since its conception, its popularity has gone through the roof.

What started as a few thousand people playing the online word game has turned into millions.

The game was recently bought by The New York Times for more than one-million-dollars.

Part of the fun of Wordle is that everyone shares the same word and you can only play the game once a day.
What do you do, though, after you’ve solved the word of the day and still have that itch to solve a word puzzle?

As with most things, once Wordle’s popularity grew, other word games with similar formats started appearing around the web.

We decided to find some games like Wordle, so you have something else to play.

  1. Wordmaster
    Wordmaster is very similar to Wordle. It’s a 5 letter word game that gives you 6 tries to guess the word of the day. The difference between it and Wordle? Wordmaster has no limit to the amount of times you can play.
    Is an adult word game and is definitely something for people eighteen and up who aren’t offended by profanity and rude language. The game can only be played once per day and also has you guess a five letter word.
  3. hello wordl
    Another free online word guessing game with unlimited times to play in the day. You can also choose how many letters you want to have in your puzzle. You can have from four to eleven letters.
  4. Letterle
    If you’ve found Wordle to be difficult, Letterle is here to take some stress out of your life. The game has you guess a single letter, and even gives you 26 tries to get it. It’s a guaranteed win for the day.
  5. Dordle
    Dordle is considered one of the harder online guessing games. The game has you figure out two five-letter words but you can only input one word guess at a time. You get seven tries to figure out the puzzle.
  6. Nerdle
    If you more of a numbers fan then Nerdle may be the game for you. Nerdle gives you six trys to figure out a math equation.
    There’s a lot of word and number puzzles out there to keep you busy during your downtime. If you’ve already done the Wordle for the day and still have itch, maybe give some of these a try.