Teal pumpkins signify food allergy friendly trick or treating


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Halloween is right around the corner and that means costumes, candy, and trick or treating. But for many children with food allergies, trick or treating may have been off limits in the past.

“In the states, one in 13 children are living with a food allergy. And in the states, nine foods make up 90 percent of food allergies. So peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, milk, egg, soy, wheat and sesame. A lot of those items are ingredients in Halloween candy,” Fare senior director of professional and training programs, Tiffany Leon said.

FARE, Food Allergy Research and Education, started the Teal Pumpkin Project back in 2013.

“One of our support group leaders had this idea to place a teal pumpkin outside of their home to signify that they would be offering non edible treats whether that’s stickers, crayons, stencils. I’m offering playing cards this year,” Leon said.

It’s all about making sure everyone is safe and feeling included on Halloween. You can offer candy in one bucket, and nonedible treats in a teal bucket.

“If you are going to be offering candy in addition to the nonedible treats, which is totally fine, just make sure that they are in separate bowls because we don’t want there to be any cross contact,” Leon said.

On Teal Pumpkin Project’s website, you can add your house to the interactive map, and see who else is participating in your neighborhood.

“Everyone gets so excited and you think about your costume, but it is a food focused holiday. So this way they can still get excited about their costume, but can also get excited about collecting treats too,” Leon said.

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