AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- We have seen the pollen which means people might experience their allergies kick in and local doctors have advice on reducing your symptoms.

You’ve probably noticed your car is covered with a sheet of yellow dust– it’s pollen season and it’s just about everywhere from the air we breathe, to the streets we drive on.

“Towards the end of this month, March, there will be another pollen explosion. You might actually see what looks like smoke in the air,” MCG’s Pediatrics and Medicine Dr. William Dolen said.  

Dr. William Dolen with the Medical College of Georgia tells us the pollen we’re experiencing is right on time. 

“Every year– the last week in January, and then the first week in March– we start seeing all of this pine pollen everywhere when conditions allow for that.”

But he adds, this is just the beginning. 

“It’s always best to start medicines before the pollen begins. So, if you know you’re allergic to trees, it’s better to start your medicines in the middle of January even though you’re feeling fine, the medicine will keep it from feeling much worse,” Dr. Dolen said.

And with recent rain, Dr. Dolen says it does help people with allergies to some degree. 

“The rain takes the pollen out of the air and it will give people some symptom relief, but the rain’s not going to last forever.”

But the good thing is, most allergy medication can be bought at your local  pharmacy.

“A lot of the over-the-counter antihistamines began as prescription-only medications. But, all of the good ones have gone over the counter,” Dr. Dolen said.

And if you’re asthmatic– the urge to work proactively is even more. 

“We recommend that people who have milder cases of asthma– and have the nose trouble– when they have difficulty controlling their symptoms, we recommend allergy shots, injections of the things you’re actually allergic to,” Dr. Dolen said.

Dr. Dolen says after a long day outside with pollen floating in the air, these yellow brick roads will definitely lead you home.