Warning for women who drink two diet sodas a day


Bad news for diet soda drinkers, they may be a correlation to an increased risk of stroke. The risk runs higher for women with no history of heart disease.

Ladies who drink more than two diet sodas a day have a higher risk of having a stroke.

The link between diet drinks and strokes is also higher in obese and African American Women who are past menopause. 

You think diet soda is the healthier alternative because it’s lower in calories, right? Experts say for women it’s more harmful than harmless.

“The more diet sodas you drink, or if you drink more than two a day, there is a specific risk that heightens around stroke,” said the executive director for the American Heart Association of Augusta, Kayla Kranenberg.

Researchers believe it is the artificial sweetener causing the problem. Among those who do have it, about 3 in 10 will develop heart disease. 23-percent of them are more likely to have a stroke. 

“Many women don’t experience the pressure on the chest,” explained Kranenberg. “Like you hear an elephant is sitting on your chest, but they experience nausea, jaw pain or back pain.”

People in the community told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, ladies, should be aware of the risks that diet sodas bring.

“I think that they should cut it out completely, said Dana Caudill. “I’m just totally against sodas.”

For some it takes will-power.

“It’s not that hard the thought of it is harder than the actual doing it,” explained Susan Waskavitz. “Once you don’t have it, you don’t want it.”

Experts say it’s okay to drink one diet soda a day, but they recommend you find other options too. 

“They have carbonated drinks like the carbonated waters,” said Waskavitz. “Once you don’t have it, you don’t want it.” it’s still something that gives you that taste without the sugars and additives.”

“Just try cutting it down to one until you can cut them out altogether,” Kranenberg.

The study also showed women drinking diet soda are 16-percent more likely to die from any cause.

Still, this is one of the first studies done by the American Heart Association

More research is underway. 

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