AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign to keep the public informed about breast cancer.

“We go out to show people that screening mammograms are very important. They’re the key to early detection,” says Kim Stockton, Lead Mobile Mammographer.

With early detection, more people’s lives can be saved at a higher rate.

One way Piedmont Augusta is helping people is with its Mobile Mammography Unit.

“We go to a lot of counties that don’t have access to mammography. They may not have a local hospital. They may not have a mammographer at their hospital. So, we come to you instead of them having to come to us,” says Stockton.

People are able to be diagnosed on the mobile unit.

“We do have 3D technology, which is the up-to-date technology. We have it in all our rooms in the breast health imaging center, and we also have it in the mobile. So, if you can come to the mobile unit, don’t worry about it, you are getting the best technology out there,” says Stockton.

Access Coordinator and bus driver, April Holden’s life was changed when her mother was diagnosed on the mobile unit.

“She was a walk-on. She didn’t even call and get an appointment and they called her back the next day to let her know that they had found something and that she needed to come back for another screening,” says Holden.

This moment would lead to her working on the Mobile Mammography bus and helping others the way they helped her family.

“The Piedmont Augusta and breast health imaging has always had a close spot in my heart because of the fact that they treated my mom, they treated my grannies, and to be a part of this team now is really important to me,” says Holden.

Piedmont Augusta says the Miracle Mile Walk helps the Mobile Mammography Bus operate.

“The Miracle Mile Walk raises funds for people who are uninsured or not insured to be able to get mammograms and to keep this mobile bus going out into communities that are underserved and might not have a hospital or for people who can not get to the hospital here,” says Holden.

You can reach out to the Breast Health Center about getting the Mobile Mammography Unit to come to your area or call or call 706-774-2482 to schedule the mobile.