Pfizer says COVID-19 pill could decrease death, hospitalization by 89 percent


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Pfizer has released its research on a promising potential treatment for COVID-19. It’s a pill you could take at home.

Treatment for the Coronavirus has come quite a long way over the last year. In December, the first shots going in arms. And just this month, kids as young as five became eligible for the vaccine.

But now something revolutionary may be just around the corner.

“This is a really important potential game changer for how we treat COVID moving forward,” AU Health’s Dr. Wyche said.

Pfizer released its research for the pill Friday.

“What this data ultimately showed was an 89 percent reduction in hospitalization and death in the active treatment group for the Pfizer pill versus a placebo group,” Dr. Wyche said.

The clinical trial was made up of 1,200 people.  They all tested positive for COVID and had health conditions that increased their likelihood of hospitalization or death from severe COVID disease. 600 received Pfizer’s pill, and 600 took a placebo.

“41 of those in the placebo group ultimately were admitted to the hospital, and 10 subsequently died. When you look at the other 600 group who took the pill for five days, only six of those were admitted to the hospital, and no deaths occurred during this period of time,” Dr. Wyche said.

Dr. Wyche says the pill would not be a substitute for the COVID vaccine.

The FDA will set a meeting to review Pfizer’s data. It’s expected to take place in December.

And Pfizer isn’t far behind Merck, a company also working on developing a COVID-19 pill.

“It did not have quite as good effectiveness data as the Pfizer pill did, but it will be reviewed by the FDA on Nov. 30,” Dr. Wyche said.

If approved, the pills could be available in early 2022.

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