Moving Over Mountains, local mother speaks on Autism Awareness Day


Tuesday is Autism Awareness Day. Approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. 

Meet Marshall Middleton. He’s 11-years-old and has autism.

His mother Deidre Roberson is the founder of MOMs…Moving Over Mountains Against Autism.

“They are more capable of things than what people give them,” says Deidre.

Hannah Boatright runs Able Kids Services. She puts into perspective the way a child with autism processes information.

“Imagine the signal in your brain going to different parts of your body as an interstate highway. These kids interstates are shutdown. To get messages from their brain to other parts of their body, they have to use the back roads,” says Hannah.

Every case of autism is different. Certain scenearios call for different reactions.

“Marshall’s triggers are long stimulations. You can go through something for so long. Another thing for him is loud noises. You’ll notice that if he gets loud he will cover his ears or if I talk too much and he wants mommy to be quiet, he’ll do the same thing as well,” says Deidre.

Even though caring for a special needs child can be challenging, it’s also rewarding.

“What would you say is the hardest part of this journey and how do you keep going?”

“To me it’s not a hard part of this journey, I think that everyday he teaches me,” says Deidre.

Saturday, April 6th, she will host her annual Autism Breakfast at Bayvale Elementary.

It’s a day where parents and kids can come together to support each other.

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