THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF) – Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October every year but non profit organization “Reduce Your Risk” is making sure that breast cancer awareness is year round.

For two years now the “Reduce Your Risk” Breast Cancer Awareness Walk has been monthly and traveling around the CSRA.

We reached out to LisaAnn Wheeler, the patient navigator with the breast and cervical cancer screening program with the Georgia Department of Public Health, to get a better understanding about her program, and the event itself.

“My program is for women who are uninsured and low income. We bring them in to the health department and I cover thirteen counties. Comprehensive wellness exams, PAP, HPV, and a mammogram referral, we cover the mammogram too. That’s at no cost to a women as long as she fits the eligibility. So going in to ‘Reduce Your Risk’ it’s a non-profit that I am involved with, and some of the work that we do is make sure women have access to the mammograms. So the DPH program and Reduce Your Risk were a perfect partnership,” said Wheeler.

‘Reduce Your Risk’ focuses on the things that you can do to lower your risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer as well as helping those who’ve already had the disease.

“Breast cancer can come back, so there are things you can do reduce that risk too. The things that you can do are nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep ” said Wheeler.

The ‘Reduce Your Risk’ walks are about spreading breast cancer awareness each month of the year.

“It keeps breast cancer awareness in the forefront. I do not know one person that I meet in life that is not effected, either personally, family, friend, coworker, by breast cancer.”

The walks are about educating and also having fun.

“It’s just fun, there’s no cost, it’s completely free, and the one that we’re having this Saturday, at Thomson Housing Authority, we’re going to have a complimentary breakfast, and the police department is going to lead us in our walk, it’s going to be great.”

‘Reduce You Risk’ walks take place the 3rd Saturday of every month.

This month’s walk is happening on Saturday, February 18th, at the Thomson Housing Authority 219 Pecan Ave. Thomson, Ga.