Man fights for life after getting a flesh eating bacteria from crabbing in New Jersey

(ABC News)/(WTNH) - -  Angel Perez is an avid crabber. On July 2nd, he was crabbing in New Jersey at Matt's

Landing near the Morris River. Hours later, his right leg began to swell. Then, it quickly got worse. 
Photos taken by the family show the discoloration and swelling. He is now in the ICU at Cooper as the infection spread to all 4 limbs.

The family said doctors blame a bacteria called Vibrio. It's in a group commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria. Vibrio is found in brackish and [seawater], especially during the hot summer months. 

The family is now warning others.

The New Jersey Health Department stated if anyone has open cuts or scrapes, it's best to stay out of brackish water. Also, anyone with liver disease or a weakened immune system should also avoid eating raw shellfish because the bacteria can also be spread through food. 

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