(WJBF) – Flu cases are skyrocketing across the country, and pharmacies are seeing shortages of Tamiflu, but only certain doses are in short supply in our area.

“That probably is likely related to just an increase in demand,” said Brent Lake, Pharmacy Supervisor at AU Moore Clinic. “We have started to see flu cases rise across the area and the country, so that’s not that uncommon for when you see a surge in cases for demand to go up therefore supply to go down.”

Demand for Tamiflu, Xofluza, Relenza and other similar drugs has increased since the start of RSV and flu season.

These medications shorten the duration of the illness, reduce the symptoms and can prevent the flu if taken early enough.

“It doesn’t mean that it’s gonna immediately, you know, you’re not gonna feel better instantaneously. But instead of being sick for 7-10 days it’s usually 4-5 days max,” Lake said.

Lake said the 30 milligram dose of Tamiflu, which is usually used to treat children, is out of stock currently at their distribution centers.

They still have Xofluza, but it’s more expensive.

“Tamiflu is the generic one that’s currently available, so it’s the cheaper option,” Lake said. “Whereas the Xofluza is still brand name, so your co-pay on that one is usually gonna be more expensive.”

He said there’s nothing to worry about in the CSRA quite yet, but people should be aware.

“Now if we continue to see cases rise, then we could have issues. But, this is another good opportunity for people to realize how important it is to get your flu shot,” Lake said.

He tells us there are still plenty of 75 milligram and 6 milliliter doses of Tamiflu at AU’s pharmacy distribution center.