AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October of every year but non-profit organization Reduce Your Risk is making sure that breast cancer awareness is year-round.

Reduce Your Risk is an organization that was founded out of my own cancer diagnosis in 2009, and I was not doing well because of some of the treatments and there were some lifestyle changes that I did that helped me reduce my risk of having cancer again. So Reduce Your Risk was founded in order to help women to reduce their risk of breast cancer and breast cancer recurrence,” said Chair of Reduce Your Risk, Carolyn Byrd.

Reduce Your Risk has been around for about two years and they’re excited to help others on their journey.

“We do it through the four pillars of health, which is nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep. So these are the four pillars that help women reduce their risk of breast cancer and breast cancer recurrence,” said Byrd.

“We formed this group to really support women, not only in educating them on how to prevent breast cancer but also supporting those that need support. I was really lucky that my family was there with me, but a lot of women that we come across don’t have family,” said Co-Chair, Angela Prince.

To help with spreading awareness the group has a monthly walk in different parts of the CSRA.

“Most women we talk about breast cancer through the month of October but we do know that we need to be checking our breasts every single month to know if something is different with our breasts,” said Byrd.

“Our goal is to educate women on what signs they need to look for other than a lump. We’d really like to get in the schools to teach our young women what to look for,” said Prince.

The group’s next walk is Saturday, February 18, and there will also be a way for women to get help in the future.

“I have booked the Piedmont Mammogram mobile bus for three locations and one of those locations is McDuffie County on March 16. Women will be able to sign up for that mammogram bus on Saturday. It’s so important that we get these buses out to our rural counties. So many women are not able to come to Augusta for their mammograms so if we bring the buses to them it’s easy access,” said Treasurer, LisaAnn Wheeler.

The group tends to have monthly walks the third Saturday of every month, so whether you’re in need of support or looking to help the cause, Reduce Your Risk is there to help.