Georgia Governor signs 10 healthcare bills at cancer center


Thursday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed 10 healthcare bills at a cancer treatment center.

One of the biggest bills was certificate of need reform. What does that boil down to? The governor says when people are sick, they get sick of red tape.

Until today, healthcare providers would have to prove there was a need before offering special services, like surgical procedures or adding staff to cover more patients. This meant that people might not be able to get the care they need and might have to drive farther away at the worst points in their life, something both parties agreed was unacceptable.

“The first thing someone diagnosed with cancer needs is peace and one place to go, not having to run all over while dealing with the news,” says Rep. Debra Bazemore.

“When you start talking about regulations and CON they have no idea what that is, they’re like that’s crazy, we need access, we don’t care about all that, we have a relative or a child who is dying and needs treatment or can’t get the right drug,” says Gov. Kemp.

And speaking of patient choice, another big bill the governor signed, the step therapy bill, giving more power to your doctors to choose your medications, not your insurers. 

You can find more in depth reporting on that step therapy bill HERE

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