FDA warning about foods prepared with liquid nitrogen

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The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning about eating foods prepared with liquid nitrogen such as ice cream, cereal or cocktails.

Typically, liquid nitrogen is used to make the food look like it’s smoking to add a special and fun effect. Now, the FDA says it’s best to stay away from it because it can be dangerous.

The FDA says people are getting hurt from products prepared by adding liquid nitrogen immediately before eating.

Adding the product is what makes that smoky feature. The injuries are also happening after the liquid nitrogen has fully evaporated.

Some of the injuries include skin damage and internal organ damage. Some have even been life-threatening.

The FDA did not say how many reports of injuries it has received or provide details on life-threatening cases.

Although liquid nitrogen is nontoxic, experts say the extremely low temperatures can be dangerous, especially if the liquid nitrogen has not fully evaporated.

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