AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin is out of the hospital after he suffered cardiac arrest in the middle of a game last week.

Trainers are credited with helping to save his life by providing CPR on the field.

Whether you’re at a restaurant. At work, or on the field– someone around you might need CPR and knowing how to perform it could be the first step to saving someone’s life. 

“The importance of CPR doesn’t lie within the hospital; it lies at home because approximately 90% of home arrests don’t make it,” Director of AHA Training Center Walter Daes said.

According to the AHA more than 300,000 Americans die in one year, due to cardiac arrest. 

“Surely, like I said, the number of people that are taught CPR will affect the number of people that have a good outcome,” Daes said.

A person’s survival rate can triple if someone nearby can help, that’s why Walter Daes tells us it’s important to perform CPR right away. 

“Brain damage begins within five minutes of arrest. So, it’s very, very important for you to immediately start CPR, and not just CPR but high-quality CPR,” Daes said. 

American Heart Association specialists say what happened to Damar Hamlin served as a wake-up call.

“Spur people to do the right thing and the right thing is to get educated on CPR– in this day and time, you can make a difference,” Daes said.

The AHA certifies 22 million people in CPR each year. 

“Our goal is to teach as many people CPR as possible, whether they have a certification or not,” Daes said.

The training center offers classes each week for people interested in certification. 

“The average CPR class takes about two and a half to three hours. You can always sign up online– just google American Heart Association CPR or Red Cross CPR and you’ll have a list of trained instructors,” Daes said.

“It’s important for us to get the people at home, and in the public, educated on CPR and how important the AED is,” Daes said.