The likelihood of COVID reinfections, how the vaccine helps protect from this


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A lot of people think once you get COVID-19 and recover from it, you’re in the clear.

While reported cases have been low, according to the CDC, you can contract COVID-19 a second time.

“At least within the first three months or so, acquiring it again is very unlikely,” Dr. Rodger MacArthur, professor of infectious disease at Medical College of Georgia said.

This is because your body creates antibodies in response to the virus. However, Dr. MacArthur says the most significant protection would be getting the vaccine, because it protects against multiple strains of the virus.

“Getting the vaccine for sure seems to protect at a minimum against getting severe disease caused by these variants, and probably substantially reduces the chance that you’ll get it at all with the variants. So the key is to get vaccinated,” Dr. MacArthur said.

He says the COVID vaccines protect against known and emerging strains of the virus.

“We may, going forward, expect to see a little bit of tweaking on the vaccines,” Dr. MacArthur said. “They may try to make a little bit more certain that different variants are absolutely covered in vaccines.”

Dr. MacArthur says the UK variant of the virus may become the most prominent strain in the US.

“It seems to spread more efficiently, it seems to out compete the previous virus that was floating around,” Dr. MacArthur said. “We don’t have enough information yet about whether it’s more serious.”

He says we may see a spike in cases around spring break when students are traveling.

Dr. MacArthur encourages people to continue wearing face masks, socially distancing, and getting the vaccine when they become eligible.

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