Signs of love: Family members find new ways to communicate during social distancing


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Messages of love. Family members of residents at the Madison Heights Memory Care Community aren’t letting social distancing stop them from letting their loved ones know they care.

Madison Heights is an assisted living facility dedicated to residents with dementia.
You would normally see family members visiting their relatives, but with spread of the Coronavirus and social distancing being made a priority, families have had to adjust how they communicate.

“Usually, I come out to visit her in person about three times a week, but with our new restrictions I still try to come out once or twice a week and give her a call. I call her…she has a phone in there…she picks up and that way we can have kind of a face-to-face conversation,” said Nancy Crawford.

The community’s lifestyle director, Kelly Adriano, came up with a way for the families to communicate while still practicing social distancing.

“Something that we have done that we are really proud of is invited the families to make signs that go out the residents windows and that just keeps the connections with the residents. Every time they go to their window they look outside and see that sign and have that direct connection to their family,” said Adriano.

I asked Adriano if the residents were making their own signs, as well.

“Yes, all residents have made signs to check in with their families and we’ve asked them what message they want to put on it. It’s just a simple dry-erase board and they can say whatever they want to their family,” said Adriano.

Not being able to see your loved one is difficult, but everyone is still coming up with ways to show they care, demonstrating that during these trying times what’s really important…is family.

“Well, this whole thing is just super confusing for her, so us coming out here and trying to keep up the habits and the routine that she’s use to is really helpful for her, ” said Molly Lee, who was there visiting her grandmother.

“It’s really important to our residents to just know and remember that they’re loved. We show them love every day, but there is that family they’ve known their whole life and just to keep that connection with them and keep those memories alive is really important,” said Adriano.

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