Physician breaks down do’s and don’ts after second Covid-19 dose


AUGUSTA-One million veterans across the country have been vaccinated through the VA, and though its movement in the right direction– doctors at our local Charlie Norwood VA medical center say, we’re not out of the woods just yet.

Physicians at the va hospital have administered nearly 7 thousand first doses of the covid-19 vaccine and nearly 4 thousand second doses.

But doctors say even after that second dose people should still be following CDC guidelines such as wearing your masks, avoiding large crowds, and washing your hands.

“The reasn for that is of course after only the first shot you don’t have full protection and even after the second shot protection is only about 95 percent, said Baer.”

Stephanie Baer is an epidemiologist with Charlie Norwood and says the only difference with the second vaccine dose when someone would need to quarantine if exposed.

Baer said “that is two weeks after the vaccine up to 90 days after the vaccine, but that is a very narrow window”

But the chances of a person who’s recieved both doses of the vaccine, spreading the virus are low.

“If someone like myself who’s had both vaccines were to come in contact with someone who had COVID I would not be as likely to spread it,” said Dr. Baer

But with a new coronavirus variant, doctors say it’s still not the time to let your guard down.

“There are some concerns against one of the variants, that the vaccine may not be as effective as we hoped,” said Dr. Baer

William martin works with the local VA hospital and has received both doses of the vaccine.

“I’m not trying to be reckless or aggressive, but having the vaccine gives me a sense of comfort when I need to go into the store,” said Martin.

And like most people he experienced some side effects.

“After the first dose I was fine I didn’t feel anything and after the second dose like a lot of people I understand I actually had some minor side effects as far as I had some illness,” said Martin.

And some other common side effects of the covid-19 vaccine can include tiredness, chills and fever symptoms similar to that of the coronavirus. Physicians say if those symptoms persist for more than a day you then you should be checked out by a local doctor.

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