Neurologist discusses COVID-19 and strokes in some patients


(WJBF) – Medical experts continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus. One of the latest discoveries is that COVID-19 can lead to stroke in some patients.

Newschannel 6’s Mary Morrison talked with a neurologist to learn more about the connection.

It’s no surprise that patients are dying from COVID-19. It’s a bad respiratory illness

“This virus affects other organ systems in the body, including the heart and the brain and can, looks like, lead to clotting formations which can produce strokes,”

Dr Jeffrey Switzer, chief of neurology at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, says it’s a phenomenon that’s happening in parts of the country hit hard by the virus.

“They’re describing a surge in the number of strokes and in particularly very severe strokes. The strokes that cause clots in very large arteries in the brain and that require emergency treatment.”

Are you seeing any patients with COVID-19 having strokes.

“So, great question, we have not as of yet seen any patients who tested positive with a stroke.”

Dr Switzer says overall the stroke volume is down.

“What we suspect is that patients with milder stroke or TIA’s are fearful of coming to the hospital and are not showing up.”

If you’re having slurred speach or facial or arm weakness, don’t be afraid to head to the ER. Hospitals are taking extra precautions to keep you safe.

“Everyone who is admitted to our hospital is tested, all the patients who have COVID are secured in a separate areas of the hospital, no mixing of the patients.and all our practitioners who work here are being screened at the door”

A local hospital going the extra mile to protect your health.


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